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Dr. Stephen Quake's interests lie at the nexus of physics, biology, and biotechnology. His research is concerned with developing new approaches to biological measurement and applying these approaches to problems of both fundamental and medical interest. Areas of interest include genomic diagnostics, systems biology, microbial ecology, and single cell genomics.


Quake lab and Luo Lab gain insights on human brain disorders with Fruit Fly Research

A  recent study published in Cell from the Quake lab and Luo Lab was mentioned in Stanford Engineering News. The study investigates the neuronal cell types of the Fruit fly. The article in Stanford Engineering News states that "By combining Quake's single-cell RNA sequencing with Luo's detailed knowledge of the fruit fly's olfactory circuit, the team was able to create the first blueprint showing how specific gene/protein activity correlates with the biological wiring of at least one component of an organism's nervous system." This is significant because researchers have potential to use this knowledge to understand and repair abnormalities in the brain that cause human brain disorders.